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AGCO is dedicated to combining seeding and tillage equipment with advanced
technology to deliver agronomic solutions.

Achieve the yields of tomorrow with AGCO Seeding & Tillage

Choose the tools that work harder, last longer and are ready at a moment’s notice to get the job done right, every time.

All growers understand that one of the oldest yet most essential parts of production agriculture is tilling the soil and planting seeds. AGCO is more than a tractor company; we’re proud to offer seeding and tillage equipment for a wide variety of crops and conditions across the world. No matter the size or soil requirements, AGCO can provide seeding and tillage solutions to fit individual needs. From primary tillage tools and soil conditioners to planters and drills, AGCO’s equipment is formulated to deliver optimized planting conditions and increased yields.

If you’re looking for performance and reliability, our seeding and tillage solutions are the answer.

AGCO’s Investment in Seeding & Tillage

As global seeding and tillage practices have matured, so too have AGCO’s involvement and influence in this key market segment. AGCO has been engaged in the seeding and tillage business from our start, and we have had several significant acquisitions along the way to mark our progress:


White-New Idea

AGCO has helped transform this brand into the leader in row-crop seeding technology.


Black Machine

Specialized planter frames.


Farmhand, Glencoe and Tye

Primary and secondary tillage equipment and drills.



The originator of flexible tillage tools.



Integrated into Massey Ferguson and Valtra brands.


JV with Amity, Wil-Rich and Wishek

Integrated into AGCO’s core brands around the world.

Seeding & TIllage on a global scale

We serve more areas around the globe than any other supplier — 147 countries and counting. Click the different regions on the map below to view seeding and tillage stats and available AGCO brands.


North America: In the U.S., farmers applied tillage practices on 278.8 million acres in 2012.

South America: The 2nd largest surface area under conservation tillage in the world lies on this continent.

EAME: 22% of the world’s most fertile soils are found in the southwestern part of Eastern Europe.

APAC: Approximately 90% of the land in Australia is no till or minimum tillage.

AGCO Seeding & Tillage brands in your region:


*For more information on Amity, Wil-Rich, and Wishek products, please click here.

How do AGCO’s Seeding & Tillage solutions produce the best yields?

Our knowledge and commitment to our customers are at the center of everything we do, which is why we understand that the right equipment is only part of the equation for greater yields. AGCO is dedicated to offering a leading variety of seeding and tillage equipment to meet the individual needs of farmers across the world.

Our equipment has a proven reputation for providing solid, reliable seeding and tillage solutions. Our tillage tools not only manage compaction – they are also capable of achieving desired soil conditions regardless of residue types.

The need for smarter solutions using adaptive technology lies at the heart of AGCO’s seeding and tillage solutions. Our seeding and tillage tools have a proven reputation of being solid and reliable. Our tillage tools not only manage compaction — they are also capable of achieving desired soil conditions regardless of residue types. University studies show that proper seed placement positively impacts crop yields. Our advanced planting systems enable farmers to define and implement an efficient, productive seeding plan. We have a great track record and a high degree of seed-placement accuracy.

To learn more about our Global Seeding and Tillage Vision, check out our presentation: contact us.

Mechanical Durability

Low Maintenance Means More Uptime

Simple Design

Optimization Support

Regional & Crop Adaptation

Adaptive Technology

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Please use the map above to see which brand(s) and tools are available in your region. If the tool(s) you are interested in are available in your region, your local dealer will be able to assist you.

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