#ShesAGCO: Featuring The Stories of Women at AGCO III

We asked women at AGCO from around the globe what AGCO means to them. Find out their thoughts!

#ShesAGCO: Featuring The Stories of Women at AGCO III

We asked women at AGCO from around the globe what AGCO means to them. Find out their thoughts!

March is National Women’s History Month and on March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. As we are committed to empowering women in the workplace and their communities, we are featuring stories from a few women of AGCO.

We asked some of the women here at AGCO, why they love working here:

Name: Laure
Role: Field Aftersales Manager, NA (12 years)

Why Laure Likes Working at AGCO: “I grew up on our family farm where we used AGCO equipment which developed my passion for the agriculture industry. Working at AGCO allows me to work in the industry that I love while supporting customers and helping AGCO and our dealers grow. Another reason I enjoy working at AGCO is the coworkers, dealers and customers I get to work with every day that shares the same passion for the industry that I do.”

Name: Lena
Role: Site Director of AGCO Acceleration Center, NA (6years)

Why Lena Likes Working at AGCO: “I enjoy working at AGCO/GSI because there is no greater reward than serving with the hard working men and women of the agriculture industry. I enjoy working at AGCO/GSI because the projects are challenging and there is always room for growth. “

Name: Janka
Role: Senior Manager of Finance Transformation & P2P Process Owner A (2 years)

Why Janka Likes Working at AGCO: “I like working for a diverse and dynamic agriculture company that thrives to have women in leadership positions. I also like that my work is valued and I can drive the change by building a best in class finance team in EME”

Name: Eliane
Role: Sr Customer Service Analyst, SA (5 years)

Why Eliane Likes Working at AGCO: “ My father’s family had a small farm where they used AGCO equipment and feel honored that I am able to work for the brand that has help my family be successful. I believe exceeding customer expectations is very valuable and can help us increase sales. During my time here, AGCO has recognized my effort and rewarded me by giving me more and greater challenges. I want to do more and more, to understand the customer needs and give them the best customer service experience. I am really proud to be part of AGCO!”

Name: Stephanie
Role: eCommerce Manager, NA (5 years)

Why Stephanie Likes Working at AGCO: “As a working mom of 3, who is also highly ambitious professionally, finding a company that supports a healthy balance was important and AGCO has provided me that plus many opportunities to grow in my career. Being tasked to lead innovative projects that will change the way we do business in Agriculture provides me with such gratitude knowing the positive impact I can have on the farming community.”

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