#ShesAGCO: Featuring The Stories of Women at AGCO IV

We asked the women of AGCO from around the globe why they like working at AGCO. Find out what they had to say!

#ShesAGCO: Featuring The Stories of Women at AGCO IV

We asked the women of AGCO from around the globe why they like working at AGCO. Find out what they had to say!

March is National Women’s History Month and on March 8, we celebrated International Women’s Day. As we are committed to empowering women in the workplace and their communities, we are featuring stories from a few women of AGCO.

We asked some of the women here at AGCO, why they love working here:


Name: Julliet
Role: Financial Analyst, APA (8 months)

Why Julliet Likes Working at AGCO: “ I enjoy working at AGCO because of the people I work with- within AGCO, at the dealerships and the consumer. I enjoy working at AGCO because I am given opportunities to make a difference.”

Name: Lauren
Role: Meeting & Event Manager, North America (6 years)

Why Lauren Likes Working at AGCO: “AGCO’s large and diverse list of events, tradeshows, training events and meetings across North America gave me the chance to showcase my skills as an event producer while learning about a new industry and new products I knew nothing about. AGCO is dedicated to supporting the agriculture community including women who work in ag. I am thrilled to meet so many of our dealers and customers, as well as their families, at the events we host. I have enjoyed getting to know those that work so hard every day to feed our country. Agriculture is an industry I was unfamiliar with prior to my time at AGCO and I have grown to appreciate those who play such a huge part in supporting the industry’s growth which is pivotal to feeding a growing population in the years to come. “

Name: Kathy
Role: Business Intelligence Manager, North America (29. 5 years)

Why Kathy Likes Working at AGCO: “Spending most of my career at AGCO has been great and I get to work with amazing people, which brings joy to my work. I’ve also had the opportunity to leverage my expertise in analyzing data to help AGCO be more efficient.”

Name: Florencia
Role: Financial Analyst, SA (5 years)

Why Florencia Likes Working at AGCO: “I love working at AGCO because the company supports women advancing their careers. It feels great to be part of an organization that supports diverse backgrounds, making AGCO a fun place to learn about other cultures.”

Name: Nancy
Role: Dealer Development Specialist, NA (17 years)

Why Nancy Likes Working at AGCO: “Seventeen years ago when seeking employment, I was searching for a strong company founded on ethical principles that produced first class products which helped people live better lives.  I was also looking for a company with a work environment that promoted personal growth and learning.  For me, it’s about the right place, the right people, and the right product. AGCO checked all the boxes!”


Name: Brittany
Role: Field Aftersales Manager, NA (10.5 years)

Why Brittany Likes Working at AGCO: “The empowerment to tailor Aftermarket solutions that simultaneously reduce cost and increase profitably for AGCO, our dealers, and end customers is an extremely rewarding professional experience. Also, the strong passion of my coworkers and customers for this industry and its impact on everyday Americans is the reason I love working for AGCO and in the Agricultural Industry.  It is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. “

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